The Club


In the spring of 1934, a few expatriates from England, drawn together by their mutual passion for the game of cricket, formed the Corinthian Cricket Club. The game was virtually unknown in the United States at the time, although three other cricket clubs were already playing in Los Angeles.

That was almost 80 years ago. The Corinthian Cricket Club has come a long way from its tentative beginnings to become one of the strongest, most well-established members of the Southern California Cricket Association. Not only are we a strong social club, but, through the years, we have also won all the major trophies in our cricketing arena. Our strength lies in our diversity and our flexibility in changing with the times. Today, our members come from all over the world: England, the Indian Subcontinent, New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, Australia and the United States.


To facilitate growth and development of the game in the community
To maintain excellence on and off the field, upholding the spirit of the game
To preserve and promote the multicultural traditions of the Club
To ensure a strong and prosperous future of the game and the organization


The Corinthian Cricket Club is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. We maintain three teams:

The Corinthians:  Plays in Division-I of the Southern California Cricket Association (SCCA) league.
The Casuals:  Plays in Division-IV of the SCCA league.
The Occasionals:  Plays social cricket.

The regular cricket season spans from March through October.